Are AC tune ups worth it?

We understand the hesitance to spend money when you think everything is fine, but annual air conditioner tune-ups are recommended not only by Evolved Mechanical but also by the EPA, ENERGY STAR, the U.S. Department of Energy, and local utilities.

Air conditioners are put through a lot over the cooling season. If your AC were a car, you’d be putting an average of 27,600 miles on it per year. So making sure it’s kept in good condition is highly important. Without regular maintenance, inspections, and tune-ups your air conditioner’s machinery will begin to break down quickly.

AC tune-ups have loads of benefits that you won’t ever think of if you don’t think about your AC unit until something goes wrong with it. Evolved Mechanical can save money on your home’s energy costs as well as air conditioner repairs. You’ll also be making sure that your AC unit, which is very expensive, will last a much longer time and be more efficient during that time.

You won’t see nearly as many breakdowns of the machine, and it’ll be much easier to keep your home cool during the summer months.