Easy Money Saving Tips to Lower Your Heating Bills

In the middle of a cold winter, no one wants to break down crying over the size of their heating bills. Is there a better way? Thankfully, there is. With these simple money saving heating tips, you can avoid paying too much on your utility bills, and stay warm all winter long.

Get More Efficient

People tend to assume that decreasing their energy bills means that they have to sit in the cold until spring arrives. This is not necessarily true. In many cases, improving the efficiency of a home’s heating will make the home even more comfortable. It might even cost less money each month. Heating efficiency starts with the home’s heating equipment and ends with the home structure’s ability to keep heat in the longest.
Old heating equipment can become quite inefficient, especially when compared to the latest models. Homeowners should request a tune-up of a furnace or heat pump, and ask if they should plan to replace it soon. Our heating experts may also be able to inspect the ductwork and see if there are many leaks that allow heated air to escape before it reaches the right rooms. Find out about sealing air leaks around your home, to cut down on the drafts. Improving the insulation in the home structure helps to slow the process of heat transfer. This ensures that the heating system doesn’t have to work as hard. If you plan on replacing inefficient older but functioning heating and cooling equipment make sure to check if you are eligible for generous residential rebates and business incentives for the purchase of new energy efficient products offered by MassSave.

Cut Down on Usage

Once you have done as much as you can to improve your energy efficiency, think about other energy saving tips you can employ. Buying a programmable thermostat and using it consistently might save you hundreds of dollars a year. Setting appropriate temperatures for your thermostat takes some of the pressure off your heating system. Your home doesn’t need to be ice-cold. Just make it warm enough that you can feel comfortable in it. A benefit of these thermostats is that they are smart enough to increase temp when you are home and decrease temp when you aren’t home and don’t need the extra heat. A Wi-Fi thermostat also lets you control your home’s heating and cooling remotely, so you’ll always walk in the door to comfort, while saving up to $180 in energy costs when you’re away.

Maintain Heating Systems

You probably know that you have to clean the lint trap in your dryer to make sure it keeps running efficiently and effectively (without igniting a scary fire). Similarly, your heating equipment needs regular maintenance and attention to ensure it can do its best when you need it most. Make a point to change out your air filters on a regular basis, which is every three months or whenever it gets dirty. You might be surprised how much it affects your home’s heating efficacy. Each year, before it gets cold, schedule a professional tune up and maintenance appointment. This annual upkeep o will help you learn how your system is doing on the inside, and confirm good use for another year.

Schedule Repairs Quickly

On some occasions, you might notice that your heating system is starting to have issues. As long as it still works, you may wonder if you need to do anything at all. This is the best time to arrange for a prompt inspection and repair, if needed. You still have heating and it is possible that any repair might be minor. If you wait, you may discover that your furnace is running too long without effective heating. It could cause your bills to skyrocket and put your equipment at risk of stopping completely. Your quick thinking could be the best money saving choice you make.

By making sure your heating system runs perfectly, you can save money and energy, without having to settle for a colder home. We at Evolved Mechanical have the experience to help you put these energy saving tips to your best advantage. To learn more, give us a call today!