5 Surprising Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

As the warm weather approaches, many homeowners start thinking about turning on the air conditioner. After a long fall and winter without use, you might not know what to expect when you turn it on. When you schedule air conditioner maintenance service, you will reap these five benefits all summer long.


As you get home from work on a sweltering day, the last thing you want to feel is a boiling hot house. Waiting too long to schedule a routine inspection means that you may not know how well the system is working. Something could go wrong at any time. However, when you take initiative in the spring, you can rest easy. Air Conditioner maintenance includes a thorough checkup of all your cooling systems, to confirm that everything looks great. It gives you the security of knowing that your air conditioner is in ideal order from the start.

Better Output

Inside your air conditioner is an elegantly-designed system that is supposed to work like a charm to cool your home effectively every day. Each step of the process relies on the others to function well overall. Certain parts may become worn or dirty with use, and this can affect your cooling output. If you arrange for air conditioner maintenance service each season, you can be sure that the components are clean and in good repair. You may notice better cooling throughout the home once the job is done.

Higher Efficiency

When you get a brand-new air conditioner, you might research different levels of efficiency to determine which one will be best for your home. Paying for a machine with a higher level of efficiency should save you energy and money on your utility bills for the lifetime of the equipment. However, you should know that the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system depends quite a bit on maintenance and upkeep over the years. If an air conditioner has annual maintenance, it should retain 95% of its efficiency rating during its service life. If the system starts to fall into disrepair, efficiency goes down. Homeowners who invest in professional service find that their cooling efficiency stays high much longer.

Fewer Repair Needs

Eventually, you might need to have a certain part of your air conditioner repaired or replaced. The problem is that you might not notice it on your own until the damage is much worse. Although homeowners can usually spot a drastic difference in cooling output or energy use from month to month, it can be harder to observe possible concerns when they are relatively minor. Around 85% of the repairs an air conditioner may need during its service life are preventable thanks to maintenance inspections that catch problems early—and that means huge savings in repair bills.


The day you have a new air conditioner installed, you can expect about 10-15 years out of it. This range is pretty wide, and you might wonder why that is. The life expectancy of your air conditioning system could vary hugely, related to your care for it. People usually replace an air conditioner when it stops working very effectively, or needs repairs that cost too much. With yearly maintenance, you might get several more years of ideal use before you have to invest in new equipment.

When you consider how much your air conditioner does for your family’s comfort in summer, you may realize how important it is to provide excellent upkeep. With these air conditioner maintenance tips, you can appreciate a minor investment in your long-term satisfaction. To schedule air conditioner maintenance service, call us at Evolved Mechanical today!