Advantages of Converting From Oil to Gas When Heating Your Home

If you’re still using oil to heat your home, you should reconsider. Only a third of Northeast homes use oil to keep warm in the winter, and that number is going down every year, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Indeed, more people rely on natural gas to heat their homes and water today.

Why natural gas?

People switch from oil to gas or have gas systems installed in their new homes for many reasons. For example:

  • It saves money. High efficiency gas systems use significantly less energy than older oil systems, which means your utility bill will be lower. Gas is also cheaper than oil, so you will save money that way, too.
  • It’s efficient. Gas appliances work faster, use less energy, and produce more heat than oil systems.
  • It’s better for the planet. Natural gas burns much cleaner than oil does. You also don’t need to store it in a tank on your property, which can lead to leaks and spills.
  • It saves space. With gas, you don’t need loud, bulky, smelly systems that take up a lot of room. You don’t have to worry about onsite storage, either. Your gas gets piped in from the main line.
  • It’s convenient. Because your gas comes directly from the main line, you never have to worry about ordering it or getting it delivered, like you do with oil.

Want to Know More About Gas Conversion?

Learn about steps for converting to gas heat and the expenses involved here.
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