Choosing the Right Water Home Protection with Smart Technology

Because more homeowners are tech savvy, the smart home industry is exploding. You can control everything in your home from the music to the door to the temperature with your smartphone or mobile device.

Even as smart house tech is growing, a lot of technology people don’t know about exists that can help them protect their homes more with their smartphones or mobile devices. For example, we recommend that our customers consider smart leak/flood detectors and water-shutoff valves to prevent or mitigate water damage at home.

Smart leak and flood detectors let you monitor your home’s water supply on your device. If there is a leak somewhere, the app on your phone will alert you. Some even let you control a smart water-shutoff valve, which lets you turn off your home’s water supply from anywhere.

When choosing water home protection with smart technology, you have many options. We’ve compiled a list of some for you.


  • In less than 5 seconds, leakSMART can identify, stop, and alert you to a water leak in your home.
  • When your plumbing or appliances start leaking, leakSMART immediately shuts off your home’s water supply.
  • The app sends you a notification when this happens.
  • You can also purchase additional monitors to make sure every inch of your home is secure.

Flo by Moen

  • With only one device, Flo by Moen monitors all of your house. You don’t need any additional sensors.
  • Flo is installed on your home’s main water supply line.
  • You can control the system with an app on your device or through a website on your computer.
  • On the app or website, you can check live water use, water flow rates, pressure and temperature.
  • The app will alert you if there is a problem like high pressure, freezing, or a leak, and you can shut the water off remotely.

Guardian by Elexa

  • This system comes with a water-shutoff valve and three wireless leak detectors.
  • When the detector senses water, the valve will automatically shut off your water.
  • When you install the Guardian, you don’t have to cut your pipes. Rather, the device clamps onto your water intake pipe around the valve handle and uses a motor to turn the handle on and off.
  • Most people can install this system by themselves, without a plumber.

Wondering if smart home water protection is right for you? Call or email us any time and we can help decide what is best for your home.