DIY HVAC Maintenance: 7 Quick and Easy Tips

The key to keeping your HVAC machine running smoothly for as long as possible is regular preventative maintenance. By doing little things to make sure your heating and cooling systems are clean and functioning properly, you can avoid frequent, expensive problems. 

You don’t need to be an HVAC professional to make sure your heating and cooling systems get the maintenance they need. Here are some quick tips to help you keep your HVAC systems in great condition:

7 Tips for DIY HVAC Maintenance

Replace Your Air Filters

Most people never even think about their air filters, let alone remember to change them regularly. But if you’re not checking and changing your air filters on a regular basis, we have some bad news for you–you’re probably breathing in air filled with germs and dirt. Plus, you’re making your HVAC system work harder than it has to, resulting in a shorter lifespan and maybe even higher utility bills.

So if you want your family (and your HVAC system) to be safe and healthy, make sure to check your air filters monthly. If they are dirty or clogged when you check on them, simply replace them. You will probably have to change your filters every two to three months.

Ditch the Debris

If your HVAC system has an outdoor unit, you should check it regularly to make sure there are no sticks, leaves, or dirt clogging it. Once a week, inspect your outdoor unit for debris and clean them out. Make sure the outdoor unit has a clear 2-foot radius around it where there is no debris. Remember–always wear gloves when doing this.

A clean outdoor unit will increase airflow to the system’s fan. This will help make sure your system is more energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan. It’s a win-win!

Clean your registers and grilles

If your home has registers or grilles as part of your ventilation system, it is also important that they are kept clean. Wipe down and dust them regularly to make sure extra dust and debris aren’t getting into your HVAC system.

Turn Off the Humidifier

In the summer, turn off the water supply to your furnace’s humidifier. This will give it a break so it doesn’t wear out quickly. When winter comes, replace the water panel or humidifier pad before you turn it back on.

Keep an Ear Open

This might be the easiest thing on this list. Listen up for strange noises coming from your HVAC system when it is on. You might hear squeaks, grinding, or groaning. Noises like these are good indicators that there’s something wrong with your system. Try to figure out where the noises are coming from to help you diagnose the issue. Can’t figure it out? Then it’s time to call a pro.

Swap Your AC for Fans (Sometimes)

Whenever it is cool enough, turn off your air conditioning system and set up some fans around your house to keep your family cool, instead. Ceiling fans and portable fans keep cool air circulating throughout your home, which helps cool your home faster. If the weather outside is cooler, open the windows and have the fresh air circulating. If it’s too warm for that, use your AC on a lower level with the fans helping to supplement it.

The more you give your system a break, the longer it will last.

Call in the Pros When Necessary

It’s important to do whatever maintenance you can by yourself. But despite this, your HVAC system probably requires yearly preventative maintenance performed by an HVAC professional if you want the unit’s warranty to remain intact. Take a look at your warranty and see exactly what it requires.

Annual maintenance consists of your local HVAC technician checking out your system for wear and tear, removing debris, tightening bolts and loose wires, and making sure all system parts are running smoothly.

DIY Not Enough? Call Evolved

Doing these tips and tricks should keep your system running smoothly, which will lead to fewer breakdowns and less expensive repairs.

But sometimes you can’t do it all by yourself. When that happens, call Evolved Mechanical. Our skilled technicians can make sure that every part of your system is clean, safe, and working perfectly. Call or email today to make an appointment!