4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Ductless Mini-Split in Winter

Ductless mini-split heaters are popping up in more and more homes across New England because they are efficient, affordable, and comfortable. Whether you just installed a ductless mini-split for heating and cooling your home or you’re considering adding one, here are the 4 tips you need to know to get the most out of your ductless heating system.

Insulate Your Home

We all know that New England winters can be absolutely frigid. But homeowners do their best to keep the cold weather outside of their house, using methods like home insulation, air sealing, and air-tight doors and windows. Making sure that these barriers against the cold are strong is one of the best ways to make the most of any heating system, ductless included.

If you don’t know how strong your home’s insulation is, have an HVAC pro check it out. Strong insulation and seals will keep the warm air inside your home, which will keep your family cozy and your heating bills low.

Keep Your Ductless Heater Clear of Snow and Ice

It’s not unusual for New England to get multiple feet of snow each winter. But when the snowfall does pile up, it’s important to grab your snow shovel and head outside to make sure that the outside component of your ductless heater is clear of snow, ice, and other debris like leaves. If the condenser/compressor is blocked by anything, the system could malfunction or be forced to work much harder than it should have to.

Schedule a Yearly Check-Up

Just like you need your annual physical from your doctor, your heating system needs a maintenance check every year to keep it healthy and ensure that it has a long life. Make sure to schedule your local HVAC pro to perform maintenance on your ductless mini-split every year, and don’t forget to clean and replace your air filters regularly. This will improve the quality of air in your home as well as keeping your system efficient.

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The best way to keep your ductless mini-split heating your house smoothly for years to come is by having an experienced HVAC technician perform regular maintenance on your system. We have decades of experience and our HVAC pros are always upfront and honest. Call or email today to set up an appointment!