Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

In the summer, you can manage excess humidity in your home with a dehumidifier or the right air conditioner. But how can you make sure the air in your home doesn’t get too dry in the colder months? Three words–whole house humidifier.

Did you know that your home should maintain a humidity level of 35-50% all year round? But in the winter, heated air can often be too dry. A whole-house humidifier is a great solution to keep your indoor air quality healthy and comfortable for your family. 

How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?

You might be familiar with a portable humidifier that you can plug into an outlet. These can only maintain humidity levels in one room of your house and need fairly constant maintenance to keep the water levels right and to keep the device clean.

A whole-house humidifier is different. A whole-house humidifier is installed in your home’s ductwork and humidifies the heated air that is cycling throughout your home. You only need one unit for your entire house.

Through your thermostat, you can adjust humidity levels. As the weather gets warmer and you heat your home less, you can turn the entire system off until the next winter. It doesn’t require any extra maintenance outside of your annual HVAC tune-ups.

Pros of a Whole House Humidifier

Health and Comfort

Most people don’t realize that the humidity level in your home affects your family’s health. If the humidity is too low, your nasal passages can dry out, your skin can become dry and itchy, and respiratory illnesses can spread more easily. A whole-house humidifier can easily improve the indoor air quality in your home, thereby making your family healthier.

Plus, if you have any snorers in your house, a higher humidity level could actually reduce noisy nighttime nasal passages.

Better Skin

If you’re like most people, your skin can get dry, itchy, and flakey in the Massachusetts winter. But when your home is properly humidified, you won’t need to lather on as much lotion and chapstick, as usual, to stay moisturized. A whole-house humidifier will protect your family’s skin from cold weather dryness.

Lower Energy Bills

Did you know that increasing the moisture in your air can make cool air feel warmer and more comfortable? That means with a whole-home humidifier, you can use less energy to heat your home to a lower temperature but maintain the same comfort level.

Protect Your Belongings

Dry air isn’t just bad for your family. It’s also bad for your belongings! Without the proper humidity levels, wood — including furniture and wood floors — can warp and crack, causing long-term damage. Plus, paper products like posters and photos can become brittle and delicate.

Want to Know More About Whole-House Humidifiers?

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