Boiler Installation

Boiler heating is very effective and is a great solution here in Massachusetts. It’s also the reason that we at Evolved Mechanical have accumulated years of experience installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing the boiler heating systems that our customers rely on during the cold winters.

If you have a question about your boiler, we have the answer.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Boilers

Since boilers use water, not air, they don’t circulate dust and allergens throughout your house. They are also quieter as you don’t have the sound of air being forced through ducts while the heat is on. Boilers are ideal for homes that cannot support ductwork. Of course, some boilers also tend to be more expensive to install, and older delivery methods (like radiators) could pose a burn risk.


What You Need to Know About Boiler Heating Systems

The term “boiler” sometimes makes people imagine a pot of water at a full, rolling boil. A lot of pressure sitting in your home could sound intimidating, but these days, most boilers do not actually boil water. Like a hot water heater, boilers use energy (usually natural gas or heating oil) to heat up water. That water is sent through pipes around your home. Instead of ending at a faucet, like with your running water, it circulates around a baseboard heater, radiator or another radiant heating system to deliver heat to each room as needed.

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