Central AC Repair

Most Common Central AC Problems

When we get calls from clients having issues with their central air conditioners, it’s usually due to one of these 5 things:

WIRING: If the AC system has bad or faulty wiring, the air conditioner can stop working or even be a fire risk.

REFRIGERANT: If your AC is low on refrigerant, the system cannot adequately cool the air passing through your house. Low refrigerant means there could be a leak which needs to be repaired.

OUTSIDE FAN: If the outside fan isn’t working, that means it’s not removing the warm air from inside your home efficiently. This isn’t only uncomfortable for you, it can overheat and damage the system’s compressor.

OUTDOOR UNIT: If your outdoor unit isn’t working, this means there might be a problem with the power or your thermostat.

COIL: If the coil in your AC system is frozen, you could have a problem with the airflow. That means your filters or ductwork are obstructed or dirty.

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