How do I choose a mini split air conditioner?

If you’re coming around to the idea of investing in a ductless mini-split air conditioner, there are a few main factors you should keep in mind during your search to ensure you get the best unit for your needs.

Mini splits are very much worth the investment over central air and heat options, and allow greater freedom and ease of use than a typical whole-house heating system. The upfront cost of a mini-split might be higher, but the right model will allow you to cool the spaces in your home where comfort matters most to you at an affordable rate over time. Many models even offer settings to customize to your preference, such as sleep cycles and timers.

Number of Zones
You’ll find single-zone ductless air conditioners designed to cool one room, and multi-zone models that can take on several rooms. One of the benefits of zones is that you can control each one distinctly. For example, a quad zone air conditioning unit can be set to four different temperatures based on the preferences of people in each of the four rooms. Having multiple zones can help you eliminate a lot of wasted energy by allowing you to customize the temperature of different rooms. One outdoor unit can provide cooling and heating for up to 8 indoor units.

Proper ductless air conditioner sizing is essential for high efficiency performance and the level of cooling capacity. If the sizing is too small or too large, the system won’t cool properly, and it won’t operate efficiently. If the system is improperly sized and the indoor units are mounted in the wrong locations it can seriously interfere with humidity control and increase electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency
Many ductless A/C units are Energy Star certified. Every mini-split air conditioner will provide the rating in their specs and the higher the number is, the better the A/C unit will perform in regard to overall energy use.

Brand reputation and customer reviews can give you a head’s up to how long units can last. Evolved Mechanical installs highly advanced Mitsubishi Mini-splits that are among the best ductless air conditioning systems on the market. Our customers are happy with their purchases. They say the units are quiet, inexpensive to operate, and cool their living space well.