What Types of Furnaces are Available?

When choosing between furnace types, there are 3 options:

Gas Furnace

Most American homes use a gas furnace. For this option, gas is piped into your home from the municipal line. These are usually the most cost-effective way to heat your home because gas furnaces are especially energy efficient and gas is cheaper than oil and electricity.

Oil Furnace

If you can’t get access to a gas line, you may have to choose an oil furnace. Oil furnaces are less efficient than gas, and oil prices are steadily rising.

Electric Furnace

If you can’t get gas and don’t want to use oil, you can choose an electric furnace. Though less efficient than gas furnaces, electric options are more affordable upfront. However, over time, using an electric furnace will be more expensive than gas.

If you want to heat your home but don’t want to use a furnace, a heat pump may be the best option for you. Able to heat and cool your home, heat pumps are a popular option. Many use furnaces and heat pumps in tandem to effectively heat their homes.