Why my air conditioning unit is blowing out warm air when my unit is set to cooling mode?

Here are 3 common reasons:

Thermostat turned to heat mode
If you’re getting hot air, you might have accidentally flipped your thermostat to “heat” mode. It happens to all of us. If that’s the case, switch it back to “cool” and you’re all set.

Clogged Air Filter
The air filters prevent pollutants from blowing through your vents and into your home, and also help keep the coils clean. If the coils become too dirty, this can cause the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to cool the air in your home.

Low on Refrigerant
Refrigerant is the high pressure liquid that flows from the compressor, to the condenser, to the evaporator. If your air conditioner is running low on refrigerant, this is a problem that must be fixed by a professional. In many cases, this is an easy and inexpensive problem to fix.