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As a member, you’ll receive annual maintenance, priority scheduling for urgent services, and a 10% discount on plumbing, heating, and cooling repairs. Plus, benefit from a plumbing safety inspection and an extended 2-year HVAC repair guarantee and more.

At Evolved Mechanical, our values of community, environment, and quality guide everything we do. We take pride in serving our community and promoting green, energy-efficient living. Our exceptional quality work ensures your safety, comfort, and happiness all year long. Join us today and experience the Evolved difference!

Our Plans

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Complete Heating & Cooling - $43/monthBoiler - $25/month
Heating - $23/monthTankless Water Heater - $24/month
Cooling - $23/monthDuctless - $17/month (+$5/additional ductless indoor units)

All Plans Include

  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • Priority scheduling for non-preventative service visits
  • 10% off all plumbing, heating and cooling repairs
  • Plumbing safety inspection*
  • Extended 2 year HVAC repair guarantee**
  • $100 credit toward heating and/or cooling system replacement for each year membership has been active, max of $500**
*available annually upon request
**must maintain membership during entire period

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What's a Heating Safety Check?

We include:

  • Pressure & flame roll out safety switches
  • Exhaust and combustion air piping
  • Outdoor termination fittings for any obstructions
  • Blow out pressure switch tubes
  • Combustion chamber check for damage or cracks
  • Blower components and inducer motors  
  • Burners and ignition
  • Flame proving device 
  • Electrical wiring and connections
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Wiring Connections & Controls

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