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We’re committed to holding onto our roots as a small family-run business.

Although based out of Malden, Evolved Mechanical’s story begins abroad, in Ireland, where Founder/President Jason Moriarty launched his career in heating and cooling. Trained at the FAS Trade School in Cork City, Jason spent time honing his craft in Cork before moving to Boston in 2000. It was here, in Boston, where Jason noticed many homes plagued with inefficient heating and cooling systems. More troubling to Jason was that homeowners had no idea of the inefficiency.

Jason launched Evolved Mechanical in 2003 with two goals in mind:

Since we first opened our doors, the Evolved Mechanical team has remained focused on these goals. Despite our successes and growth, we’re committed to holding onto our roots as a family-run business.

Unlike larger companies who rely on automated systems, operators, and voicemails, Evolved Mechanical places emphasis on the human element of a business. Our business is based in Malden, and our family lives in Melrose, meaning the customers who rely on us for their heating and cooling needs are the same people we see at church, at coffee shops, at the supermarket, and at school drop-offs.

“We want to make sure somebody’s there to pick up the phone and respond to that email,” says Jen Moriarty, Head of Business Development. “We treat our customers like they’re part of our family.”

That approach to customer service rings true throughout the year, even on holidays such as Christmas. “If a customer calls because they have no heat, even during a holiday, we’ll make that decision as a team to go out and help another family in a time of need,” Jen says.

We know the amount of trust you place in us when you call our offices, and we don’t take that trust for granted. You are our friends. You are our neighbors. We’re honored to serve you and this community, and are excited to help you stay comfortable in your homes, all year long.

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