Choosing the right faucet is about more than just matching your kitchen decor. It’s also about choosing a faucet with a durable finish and strong valves so you have a drip-free faucet for years to come. You also have to consider whether you want one or two handles, a pull-down sprayer, and more. Whatever you decide, Evolved Mechanical will do the installation quickly and thoroughly.


Outdoor Faucets

Whether you want a spigot on your house for an extra hose, and outdoor shower, or a pool-filling station, outdoor faucets can make life much easier. Outdoor faucets are quick and simple to install, but it is important to make sure they are placed in the right spot to avoid freezing or disrupting your home’s pipes. One of Evolved Mechanical’s experienced technicians can install your outdoor faucet safely and quickly.



When installing a shower, you have two options: a full shower or a shower/tub combo. While a full shower might be better suited for a small bathroom, shower/tub combinations add resale value because many home buyers have small children. However, showers with bathtubs make be difficult for elderly family members to use. Whether you decide on a full shower or a shower/tub, Evolved Mechanical can install it skillfully and with minimal interruption to your life.



When it comes to toilet installation, the biggest factor that affects cost is the kind of toilet you choose. The two major toilet bowl types are round and elongated. Basic, round toilet bowls are the most affordable options. They are also best for smaller bathrooms and young children. Elongated toilet bowls are more expensive because they are more comfortable and more powerful. They do take up more space than a round bowl so they are better for larger bathrooms, but many people find them more aesthetically pleasing. Evolved Mechanical can install both round and elongated toilets skillfully and promptly.



When it comes to installing a sink, our Evolved Mechanical technicians will:

  • Remove your current sink
  • Unpack your new sink and install it to your plumbing system
  • Connect your new sink to your garbage disposal or faucet
  • Test the new sink to make sure everything works
  • Clean up and remove the old sink

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are a quick and easy way to clean up your sink. When choosing a garbage disposal, you need to choose between a continuous feed disposal or a batch feed garbage disposal. Continuous feed disposals are less expensive, more popular, and grinds waste on demand. Whichever option you choose, Evolved Mechanical can install your new system with minimal interruption to your life.

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